Carbon footprint of irrigation dams with Jackie Webb


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One of the greatest parts of being involved in science is surprise discoveries. For a team working on measuring the carbon footprint of Australian irrigation dams, the results were truly astonishing.

Not only are irrigation dams producing a lot less carbon emissions than what has previously been thought, they are actually performing a critical nitrogen cycling role.

In this podcast episode we speak with Jackie Webb, a Research Fellow at the Centre for Regional and Rural Futures, Deakin University on her recent carbon farming project for AgriFutures Australia.


Deakin University Research fellow at the Centre for Regional and Rural Futures, Jackie Webb

This podcast is part of the Carbon Initiative Program, a $2 million investment across 15 projects to explore novel approaches to carbon storage, greenhouse gas emission reduction and emission avoidance, as well as methods to drive awareness, overcome barriers and develop market pathways for farmers, fishers and foresters.