Ginger Ninja: Automating disease detection


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In a bad year, Kylie Templeton’s family can lose up to 30% of their ginger crop to Fusarium.

Fusarium is a nasty fungus and is a key threat to seed ginger stock, as it can be spread through soil from infected plant material. Identification and removal of diseased seed stock is an expensive. labour intensive process.

This podcast explores a project called Ginger Ninja which piloted the development of an automated system that aimed to identify and sort Fusarium infected seed ginger stock.

  1. Ginger Ninja: Automating disease detection

Kylie Templeton, Ginger Grower, Templeton Ginger
Professor Matthew Dunbabin, Faculty of Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering & Robotics, Queensland University of Technology

Interviews by Megan Woodward.