growAG. – showcasing Australian innovation to the world


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From google maps to wifi, the winged keel, ultrasound, and the black box recorder, Australia is a country of innovators. Our isolation has propelled us to find new ways of doing things, and this is especially so in agriculture with some of our world-class inventions like water efficient crop varieties, the Header Harvester and no till farming practices, through to producing world leaders in digital farm management, satellite technology, blockchain and biosecurity. Now we can add another, digital innovation to the list.

growAG. is a gateway that connects the world to agrifood innovation opportunities in Australia.

In an Australian first, allows you to ‘go, search and find’ Australian’s world leading agricultural research, unique technologies, success stories and commercialisation opportunities in one, easy to use location.

It has been developed by the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment and Australia’s 15 Research & Development Corporations, often referred to as the RDC’s with AgriFutures Australia managing the platform on their behalf.

This podcast reveals why growAG. is a game changer for Australian agriculture.

  1. growAG. – showcasing Australian innovation to the world

Featured in this episode:

· John Harvey, Managing Director, AgriFutures Australia

· Jason Strong, Managing Director, Meat and Livestock Corporation (MLA)

· Arianna Sippel, Senior Manager growAG. AgriFutures Australia

· Sarah Nolet, Co-founder of Tenacious Ventures, Australia’s first dedicated agrifood tech venture capital firm.