Know the risks: Be safe on-farm


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What are the critical safety risks on your farm? It is an important question and one that could save your life, the lives of your family or anyone coming onto your farm. Farm safety is in the spotlight. What are the critical safety risks on your farm?

Following the release of the 2020 report Non-intentional Farm Related Incidents in Australia which highlights the total on-farm deaths, causes of injury, fatalities by age and gender, as well as the estimated economic impact of fatal injuries. The report shows while progress is being made, deaths from quad bikes and side by sides continue to take lives, in fact 58 lives were lost last year.

This is a challenge not lost on the rural Research Development Corporations (RDC) which fund research through the Rural Safety Health Alliance (RSHA) to review the data and use an evidence-based approach to improve safety across our agricultural, fisheries and forestry industries. AgriFutures Australia is a partner member of RSHA.

RSHA Executive Officer, Andrew Barrett says the figures are a sobering reminder that the cost of human life incurred in the production of our food and fibre is still too high and he wants to see urgent commitment and vision from our leaders to make any kind of meaningful change in the sector.

In this podcast, Andrew is joined by Paul Daniel, a grain grower from the mid-north of South Australia.

Both guests are passionate about farm safety and saving lives.

  1. Know the risks: Be safe on-farm