Out of this world: why ag is the next frontier for space tech


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Space has traditionally been the realm of sectors like mining and defence and we are only on the cusp of unlocking opportunities for the rural sector.

An AgriFutures Australia funded report, Space-based technologies – opportunities for the rural sector, highlights that space technologies are already making their mark in Australian agriculture.

Producers are routinely using satellite imaging, low bandwidth sensors, GPS tracking, autosteer, paddock level imagery and weather forecasting to drive better decision making. For most producers, many of these turn-key technologies rely on space and we don’t even realise it.

We encourage you to read the report, explore the industry specific fact sheets and be part of discussions with space companies and tech developers to explore how technology can be applied to solve your agricultural challenges.

  1. Out of this world: why ag is the next frontier for space tech

In this podcast we hear from:

Martin Amidy, Senior Fellow Agri-Technology Centre for Entrepreneurial Agri-Technology, The Australian National University and is one of eight authors of the AgriFutures Australia report
Tom Rayner is from Myriota, a company that facilitates satellite communications
Philip Tickle, Managing Director Cibo Labs Pty Ltd, an agricultural data analytics company.