Putting the power of AI into the hands of every farmer


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During the month of February 2021, AgriFutures on Air showcased amazing innovators making a difference in Australian agriculture.

The one thing they have in common is their involvement in evokeAG., either in Startup Alley or the Startup Showcase.

Check out the new evokeAG. website and watch out for our two-part Startup Program in 2021 which is taking place completely online.

GoMicro is a company helping Aussie farmers identify and detect pests, leaf disease and food quality in their paddocks by using their smart phones and artificial intelligence.

Co-founder, Krishnapillai Anandasivam says GoMicro is putting the power of AI into the hands of every farmer.

Anything that can be detected by the eye can now be detected by AI in ways never imagined.