A Framework for Assessing Economic Viability of Low Rainfall Agroforestry Products

  • 40 pages

  • Published: 1 Apr 2009

  • Author(s): Hanna, D, Mues, C, Elliston, L, Riwoe, D

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Dryland salinity poses a significant threat to agriculture and rural communities throughout Australia. The establishment of woody vegetation in low rainfall regions has been identified as a possible option for mitigating land salinisation in Australia. RIRDC funded the Best Bets for Biomass project to investigate the markets and prospects for six selected products that could be produced from low rainfall grown woody biomass. This JVAP report discusses some of the supply and demand factors likely to affect the future competitiveness of the six best-bet low rainfall agroforestry industries. The report will be of particular interest to policy advisers and to R&D providers. (40 pages)