A review of major pests, diseases and disorders in dragon fruit across the world

  • 61 pages

  • Published: 21 Jun 2023

  • Author(s): Hong Tham Dong, Yujuan (Jady) Li, Chengyuan (Stephen) Xu

  • ISBN: 978-1-76053-380-9

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Dragon fruit production started in Australia in the 1970s, first in Queensland and later in the Northern Territory, Western Australia and New South Wales. By 2012, 70% of production came from the Northern Territory and the industry had a production potential of 750 tonnes per year with a GVP of about $2.25 million. Due to the size and geographic spread of the industry, there has been no further national update.

As an emerging crop, knowledge on the pests, diseases and abiotic disorders of dragon fruit in Australia is limited. This gap seriously affects growers’ capacity to manage the crop, and limits industry expansion. This study begins to address this by reviewing dragon fruit pests, diseases and disorders reported across the world. This resultant report represents a single source of information to help dragon fruit growers access information about common pests, diseases and abiotic disorders, and how to control or reduce damage to the crop. Recommendations are made on orchard practices to help growers recognise and manage these threats. This work is preliminary and a thorough survey is needed to identify local biotic and abiotic threats, and to develop best management practices specific to the Australian dragon fruit industry.