Agroforestry Species Profiles for Lower Rainfall Regions of South-eastern Australia. FloraSearch 1b.

  • 128 pages

  • Published: 15 Jan 2009

  • Author(s): Hobbs, Trevor, Bennell, Mike

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This report profiles the most highly ranked agroforestry species and subspecies identified by the initial FloraSearch selection and evaluation process described by Bennell et al. (2007). The majority of species profiled in this report are endemic to the lower rainfall region (i.e. 250-650 mm) of southeastern Australia. The report contains individual species statistics on rainfall and soil preferences, predictions of potential areas for cultivation based on climate variables, indicative growth rates, laboratory test results and illustrative photos for most species.

It is intended to provide rural landholders and potential large-scale biomass industries with more technical information on appropriate species selections using individual evaluations of each species’ suitability for each region and industry type.

This report is provided in two parts (Part I and Part II) because of size.