Alpaca, buffalo and rabbit production and duck processing

  • 70 pages

  • Published: 1 Aug 2001

  • Author(s): Holdings, Wondu

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This study is about benchmarks for new animal product industries. It aims to improve the standard of business management in new animal product industries through the derivation of business enterprise benchmarking data at the production and processing levels. It is the second in a planned three-year series of studies covering several new animal product enterprises.

The report provides insights into management practices and processes employed by alpaca, buffalo and rabbit producers. We also examine duck processing, an industry with significant potential both at the local and export market level.

These industries are at an early stage of development and in transition as they adjust to growth and frequently volatile economic conditions. Despite the difficulties facing these industries it is apparent that excellence in farm management and processing practices, coupled with improved marketing and more innovation, can generate profitability and viability. RIRDC’s role is to help producers and processors to create more efficient supply chains.