Australian Low Rainfall Tree Improvement Group: Mallee Genotype/Environment Interaction

  • 26 pages

  • Published: 1 Oct 2002

  • Author(s): Bartle, John, Brennan, Gary

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Growing interest in farm forestry on crop and grazing land in the 400–600 mm rainfall region of southern Australia has prompted a cooperative national effort to select and breed better trees. Tree planting can help control dryland salinity — a result of rising water tables — and reduce soil erosion. Rates of planting are likely to increase if farmers can choose trees that will also provide a worthwhile economic return. Selection and breeding will boost the benefits of tree planting by increasing yields of high quality timber or leaf oils.

This report gives an overview of the Australian Low Rainfall Tree Improvement Group (ALRTIG) genotype by environment study for oil mallee eucalypts. ALRTIG aims at speeding the improvement process of tree improvement by coordinating efforts across Australia.