Carbon Trading and Catchment Management Authorities – Revenue Potential

  • 33 pages

  • Published: 12 Aug 2008

  • Author(s): Grieve, Alastair, Wood, Sam, Cowie, Annette

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The aim of this project was to establish the feasibility of including environmental plantings in the New South Wales (NSW) Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme (GGAS) carbon market with a view to determining whether Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs) could become accredited as carbon pool managers and generate additional revenue to support their revegetation programs. Preliminary estimates of potential gross revenue suggested that more than $12m per annum could become available to CMAs and landholders through this means. This would represent a valuable additional source of income to CMAs and landholders, provided that overhead costs could be maintained at an acceptable level. Preliminary estimates have been made of these costs, however, more detailed assessments are required to support a sound business decision.

The report is intended for use by CMAs, relevant government policy-makers and regulators, as well as by other institutions that may be considering accreditation under GGAS or the like.