Characterisation of Phenolic Compounds in Oils Produced from Frosted Olives

  • 25 pages

  • Published: 5 May 2009

  • Author(s): Ravetti, Leandro, Gwyn, Sonja, Claudia Guillaume

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This RIRDC report summarises findings and statistical analysis of data generated when researching the characterisation of phenolic compounds in oils produced from frosted olives. It is research that will be of interest to current industry participants, the olive research community and analytical laboratories.
Frost is one of the most important weather related hazards for the Australian olive industry and has caused significant economic losses during the past decade. Its impact on oil quality has been significant in 2006 with more than 20 per cent of Australian oil of that year being affected to some degree. Early frosts will normally affect the fruit leading to significant changes in the chemical and organoleptic characteristics of the oils.