Commercial Potential of Giant Reed for Pulp, Paper and Biofuel Production

  • 169 pages

  • Published: 9 Dec 2010

  • Author(s): Dr Chris Williams, Dr Tapas Biswas

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This RIRDC report presents research on the perennial, rhizomatous grass, giant reed (Arundo donax) to assess its use on marginal lands and wastewaters or saline ground waters, to produce lignocellulosic feedstocks (together with other biomass crops)and as new second generation biofuels and/or pulp/paper industries for Australia. 
A. donax  produced more cellulosic biomass and sequestered more carbon per annum, using less land and pesticides than any other alternative crop reported in the literature, for warm temperate to sub tropical environments, for marginal lands under similar water input regimes.
This report is targeted at all sectors of the Australian and overseas biomass, second generation biofuels and the pulp/paper industries.  The report is also intended to inform land care agencies, policy makers, rural industries, local, state and federal governments, research funding bodies and researchers, investment bodies, communities, environment groups, media and the general public.