Crop Protection – An issue for the Asian vegetable and herb and spice industries

  • 74 pages

  • Published: 8 Aug 2005

  • Author(s): Midmore, D.J., et al

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This publication examines the needs of pest management in the Asian vegetable and the herb & spice industries. This information is essential to develop a systematic approach to the off-label permitting of crop protectants because the range of commodities and the extent of pests is vast. Safe use of crop protectants is an imperative for a successful and competitive horticultural industry, and essential for gaining public support for further investment in the rural industries. As both the Asian vegetable and herb & spice industries are small in Australia in comparison with mainstream broad-acre and horticultural industries, there are relatively few crop protectants registered for use in those industries. The study makes recommendations which can be used to better invest scarce public resources into the acquisition of data that will support requests for off-label permits relevant to the needs of the industries.