Detection of Snake Venom in Horse Urine and Plasma: Validation of the snake venom detection kit in horses

  • 19 pages

  • Published: 11 Feb 2011

  • Author(s): Church, Sally, Forbes, Grace

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Veterinarians and horse owners in Australia are sometimes confronted with horses that have clinical signs suggestive of snake bite, but the diagnosis is rarely confirmed. A snake venom detection kit (CSL Ltd Parkville Australia) produced for use in people, has found increasing application in the diagnosis of snake bite in dogs and cats, but has often returned negative results in horses demonstrating clinical signs suggestive of snake bite. These negative results can influence the decision as to whether or not antivenene is administered.
This RIRDC study asesses the ability of the CSL produced Snake Venom Detection Kit (SVDK) to detect Australian snake venoms in horse urine and plasma.
The report is targeted at equine veterinarians and horse owners who need to diagnose and treat potential cases of snake bite in horses.