Diversifying Asian Vegetable Markets (vol 1)

  • 17 pages

  • Published: 1 Feb 2001

  • Author(s): Thomson, Graeme

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A wide range of Asian vegetables has been available in Asian grocery outlets for many years. Recently, Australian horticulture has seen an increased focus on the growing of vegetables that are Asian in their origins. The increase in popularity of these vegetables is reflected at mainstream supermarket outlets where a range of Australian grown Asian vegetables is now available in our capital cities. However, there is potential to increase the range and quality of Asian vegetables in supermarkets, greengrocers stores and restaurants. In addition, our Asian vegetable producers are now looking beyond domestic shores to neighbouring Asian countries where Australian produce has a reputation for quality.

To better exploit these new market opportunities, RIRDC’s Asian Foods Program has funded the research described in this publication together with Agriculture Victoria and Oriental Merchant Pty Ltd, a major wholesaler of Asian foods.

Preliminary economics of growing particular crops have been considered along with quality issues for major retail lines. Research focussed on post harvest packaging technologies for whole produce to deliver a quality product through local and export distribution networks.