Evaluating Biodiesel Potential of Australian Native and Naturalised Plant Species

  • 113 pages

  • Published: 9 Dec 2010

  • Author(s): A/Prof Nanjappa Ashwath

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This RIRDC report evaluates the potential of using Australian native and naturalised plant species in biodiesel production. Particular emphasis is placed on species that occur in Central Queensland (CQ) region, as significant quantities of diesel are being imported to this region, and some proportion of this could be produced locally by establishing native species on cleared land that is readily available in CQ.
More than 200 species/provenances have been evaluated for oil content, of which 20 species have been selected as having commercial potential.
This report is intended for those who are involved in decision making on alternative fuels and global warming, landcare groups and mining companies; with the view to convincing them of the potential use of native and naturalised species in biodiesel production and sustainable regional development.