Export flower industry

  • 25 pages

  • Published: 1 Dec 2002

  • Author(s): Sutton, Sally

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This project was commissioned to continue analysis and reporting of information about the Australian flower export industry. The project sought to determine patterns in industry outputs over the last few financial quarters, as well as advance the methodology used in gathering and presenting the data. The project was funded from industry revenue which is matched by funds provided by the Federal Government.

While the Australian flower export industry has been operating for some time, few macro level analyses have been undertaken. The current report advances the work undertaken by Brooks (2001) and responds to continued industry and policy level needs. For the first time, information on seasonal trends and exports to 42 export markets is presented. The report also includes a number of methodological suggestions for future studies. It is a timely report, coming at a point of increased recognition of the need to progress the measurement and analysis of many smaller Australian primary industries.