Export Markets for Skins and Leather : For Australia’s camel, emu and goat industries

  • 122 pages

  • Published: 27 Jun 2007

  • Author(s): Goulding, Brendan, Riedel, Elysa, Bevan, Andrea

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The financial viability of the crocodile, camel, emu and goat industries is based on their ability to sell the whole animal, including meat, skins, feathers and oil. Traditionally these industries have focused on one product; for crocodile it has been the skin, for camel and goat the meat, and for emu the oil. However, there has been increasing recognition of the importance of using secondary products such as skins and leather to improve the commercial viability of these industries.

This report provides trade data, gives market feedback from visits to Italy and the US and describes the commercial outcomes achieved for goat, emu, crocodile and camel skins. It also provides a case study on assessing the economic viability of exporting camel hides. Communication and promotional strategies for exporting, and recommendations arising from the research are provided.