Flowers 2011 – The Australian Flower Conference

  • 30 pages

  • Published: 5 Oct 2011

  • Author(s): Bettina Gollnow

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This RIRDC report highlights the presentations made by the author at the Flowers 2011 Conference and introduces the trade booth set up to disseminate the wildflower quality specifications and postharvest manual (both outcomes of RIRDC project
PRJ-000331:Quality Specifications for Australian Wildflowers and the revised Manual of Postharvest Treatments for Wildflowers). It also summarises the key messages from the conference speakers, who addressed the conference theme of ‘working together…to race to the top’, especially as they apply to the Australian wildflower industry.

This report will be of interest to members of the Australian wildflower industry, especially growers, marketers and florists, and the wider Australian flower industry.