Goat Nutrition During Drought

  • 70 pages

  • Published: 1 Jan 2004

  • Author(s): McGregor, B. A.

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The mohair, cashmere and goat meat industries are establishing small industries exporting products valued at approximately $40 million pa. While the infrastructure and supply-chains exists for considerably larger industries, the long-term viability and resource sustainability is threatened by periodic long-term droughts. Inappropriate drought management will seriously damage the land and natural resources of farms and may lead to a loss of breeding stock which in turn reduces the capacity of goat producers to recover after a long-term drought.

Current drought feeding and water supply recommendation for goats in Australia are out of date. Application of inappropriate drought strategies may endanger the welfare of significant numbers of goats. Many goat managers were not in the industry during the last long-term drought. It is appropriate for goat drought feeding recommendations to be reviewed.