Hazelnut Variety Assessment for South-eastern Australia

  • 50 pages

  • Published: 1 Dec 2003

  • Author(s): Baldwin, Basil, et al

  • ISBN: 0-642-58707-8

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Although hazelnuts were introduced into Australia more than 100 years ago, to date they have only been grown on a small scale. The major centres of hazelnut production in the world are northern Turkey, Italy, Spain and Oregon in the USA. These locations lie in the latitude range 40–450N and have a Mediterranean type climate with mild winters and warm summers. Parts of Australia have a similar climate; there would therefore appear to be a potential to grow hazelnuts in these parts of Australia. Currently, Australia imports more than 1800 tonnes of hazelnut kernels annually. A program of field research is being conducted in NSW, Victoria and Tasmania, in potentially favourable areas to answer the questions:
• Can hazelnuts be grown in Australia?
• Where in Australia might hazelnuts be grown?
• What are the best varieties to grow and what pollinisers should be planted with them?
• How profitable might this crop be?
This report summarises the research which is being conducted by the Faculty of Rural Management, the University of Sydney, Orange, in collaboration with NSW Agriculture, Agriculture Victoria and hazelnut growers. This report explains how the research is being conducted and outlines the results to date.