Implementing Ant Technology in Commercial Cashew Plantations

  • 72 pages

  • Published: 10 May 2004

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The aim of this project is to continue the monitoring of the transplanted green ant colonies
in order to determine how many years cashew growers can benefit from each
transplantation and to promote the use of green ant technology in commercial cashew
orchards for controlling the main cashew insect pests by producing instructive booklets
and posters.
Field monitoring showed that each transplantation of green ant colonies can protect
cashew trees for three cropping seasons. Compared with the costs of the insecticide spray,
cashew growers can achieve a benefit of at least $1500/ha/year by using green ants to
manage the main insect pests. This benefit results from decreased maintenance costs and
increased yield.
Age of the ant colony is an important factor influencing the benefit from each
transplantation. Green ant colonies at the age about 2 years are considered to be suitable
for transplantation.
The green ant technology is described in detail in a booklet “Why and how to use green
ants to control the main cashew insect pests – Manual for Australian cashew growers”. It
covers all aspects of using green ants to control insect pests in cashew plantations. A
series of posters was produced to highlight the most important procedures of the ant
technology. This technology is friendly to the environment, and therefore cashew
products may be marketed as ‘organic’.