Improving Market Access for Asian Vegetables

  • 81 pages

  • Published: 30 Oct 2008

  • Author(s): Ekman, Jenny

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The Asian vegetable industry is estimated to be expanding at 15% annually (Lee, 2007). Much of the increase has been driven by the growing Asian–Australian population, which has almost doubled since 1996 (ABS, 2007). Other consumers still purchase Asian vegetables rarely. They may be uncertain about what they are called, how to prepare and cook them and what they taste like.

Low demand outside ethnic communities already familiar with these products is one reason returns to growers are very low. This has been a barrier to improvements in infrastructure, production, handling and packaging. Finding ways to increase consumption of Asian vegetables by marketing them to a wider audience could lift returns to growers and improve industry competitiveness.

This report targets all members of the Asian vegetable supply chain including growers, wholesalers, retailers, food service providores, the food media and even consumers. There is strong interest in Asian vegetables among supply chain members who recognise the category’s potential for growth.