Improving the Foot Health of the Domestic Horse: The relevance of the feral horse foot model

  • 46 pages

  • Published: 2 Nov 2011

  • Author(s): Hampson, Brian, Pollitt, Christopher C.

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This report describes the morphology and health profile of the feral horse foot in detail not previously available. It identifies some important aspects of the form and function of the equine foot which should be considered in every day foot care for the domestic horse. The wild horse foot model is discussed in terms of its relevance and limitations to hoof care.
The report is targeted at horse owners, farriers and veterinarians so they can make better informed decisions about foot care for horses. This report will be of particular relevance to those who have an interest in the use of the popular wild horse foot model.
The horse owning community and farriery associations across all regions of Australia may benefit from this report.