Investigation of the molecular mechanisms causing cold induced sterility in rice

  • 44 pages

  • Published: 1 Apr 2004

  • Author(s): Imin, Nijat, et al

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To assist efforts to breed more cool tolerant varieties and thus lessen the dependence of the industry on water, it is highly desirable to understand the mechanisms underlying the sterility. As a part of a concerted effort to understand the mechanisms that cause mid-season pollen sterility, the RIRDC has funded a number of projects that investigate causes and possible treatments for cool-temperature induced pollen sterility. More recently, much of this research has come under the broader umbrella of the Cooperative Research Centre for Sustainable Rice Production, of which the RIRDC is a major partner. Aspects of this research project will be continued through funding from the CRC.
This report details fundamental research that characterises proteins the levels of which are substantially changed in anther tissue as a result of growth under cool mid-season temperatures. This has enabled the identification of cellular processes and protein markers that are affected by these temperatures.