JVAP Research Update No 8 – Small scale commercial plant harvests in Indigenous communities

  • 28 pages

  • Published: 12 Jul 2006

  • Author(s): Gorman, J., Whitehead, P.

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Research Update 8 – Small-scale Commercial Harversts in Indigenous Communities By J. Gorman & P. Whitehead. Explores the establishment of enterprises based on small-scale harvesting of plant material. Looks at selection of plant products and discusses case studies on bushfoods, customary foods for sale within communities, live plant trade, arts and craft, as well as novelties and educational items for the tourism market. Indigenous people have emphasised the need to succeed with small enterprises delivered and controlled by their own community members and progressively develop from there. The principles and practices outlined by this research will provide some guidance in supporting this development process. 2005, 28pp, Pub. No. 04/148; FREE