Marketing Venison Products – Trademark and country-of-origin

  • 26 pages

  • Published: 29 Nov 2005

  • Author(s): Bhaskaran, Suku

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This report reviews more than 100 studies on country-of-origin (COO) labelling, COO trade marks, customer beliefs and behaviour (consumer and business buyers) regarding products from different source countries and issues surrounding COO marketing initiatives. The review indicates that, even though more than 700 studies on COO beliefs and customer behaviour have been completed in the last 40 years, there are very few product-market specific studies on red meats and more specifically on venison. The review canvasses that there are serious contextual and methodological limitations in several past studies and, therefore, the findings of several past studies may not be wholly reliable. However, not withstanding the limitations, COO based marketing initiatives could provide competitive advantages and deliver beneficial outcomes in some countries and in some market segments. The report recommends that the Australian venison industry should undertake product-market specific COO studies to determine the opportunities and the strategies that would be appropriate to develop sales into different countries and into different market segments in these countries.