Marron Production Enhancement – Project Summary

  • Published: 16 Dec 2015

  • Author(s): Luckens, John

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The Project sought to develop improved pond systems for consistent and increased marron yields with economies of scale and reduced labour costs, and an on farm, family based, indoor, selective breeding program. Higher yielding grow-out ponds which provide a commercially viable and environmentally sustainable production system were needed, along with a reduction in the commercial production time of three years by developing indoor breeding and early nurturing systems.

Following two years of trials, breeding success in both tanks and aquariums was achieved, tissue samples taken and stored, and the juveniles reared in outdoor ponds. The ability to bring forward spawning in indoor tanks was shown, thus allowing an earlier indoor breeding program. Rearing of juveniles in tanks for early seasonal release was not undertaken, but is considered possible. This work is ongoing, and is expected to reduce production time from the current 36-42 months to 24-30 months, a significant productivity increase. The family based selective breeding program using genetic markers has been deferred for the 2015 breeding season due to resource constraints.