National Olive Variety Assessment – Stage 2

  • 98 pages

  • Published: 1 Oct 2005

  • Author(s): Sweeney, By Susan

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A major challenge in the establishment of the olive industry has been the selection of varieties best suited to Australian conditions, for optimal yields and quality. There has been limited reliable information and performance data for any olive variety under the wide range of Australian conditions and the industry has relied mainly on Northern hemisphere research and information. Another major issue that has confronted the Australian olive industry is that of ensuring the correct varietal identity of a particular tree, as there is a great deal of confusion in olive variety identification. Performance characteristics of a specific genotype are the basis on which a selection is made for a particular usage or physical situation. Correct identification at the time of tree purchase is therefore critical since mistakes may not become apparent for some years. The National Olive Variety Assessment (NOVA) project was established to help resolve the confusion in olive variety identity and to evaluate the performance, in different climatic regions of Australia, of the majority of known commercial olive varieties. 2005, 102pp, Pub No 05/155; $26