Project summary: The Thoroughbred Welfare Initiative

  • 6 pages

  • Published: 12 Jan 2022

  • Author(s): Tom Reilly

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This project summary outlines the work undertaken by the Thoroughbred Aftercare Welfare Working Group (TAWWG) while it conducted an independent review into the current welfare landscape in the Australian thoroughbred industry.

The research conducted by the TAWWG over the past 18 months formed the basis of a report that was released in spring 2021. The report and its recommendations provide an important framework for the whole industry to use to improve welfare outcomes for thoroughbred horses in Australia, especially those exiting racing or breeding.

The report and its recommendations are a vital step towards restoring racing and breeding’s public image, as a number of incidents in recent years have led to a downturn in support, threatening the prosperity and longevity of the industry.

To read the Thoroughbred Aftercare Welfare Working Group’s report, ‘The most important participant: A Framework for Thoroughbred Welfare’, visit