Pruning Eucalypts – the biology and silviculture of clearwood planted eucalypts

  • 40 pages

  • Published: 3 Nov 2002

  • Author(s): Montagu, Kelvin, Kearney, Dean, Smith, Geoff

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This report was prepared as part of a nationwide cooperative project, which aimed to summarise the
national knowledge base on clear wood production in eucalypts. This report collates literature, both
from Australia and internationally, and recent information on eucalypt plantation silviculture from
unpublished research and field experience.
Silvicultural techniques such as pruning, are used by growers to produce logs with a high proportion
of clear wood suitable for high value end uses. However, there is little information available to
growers on how best to apply such techniques to eucalypts. This report summaries the research
results to date thereby providing a basis for the development of species and regional specific pruning
regimes by growers and advisers and helping to direct future silvicultural research in planted
This project was funded by three R&D Corporations — RIRDC, Land & Water Australia and
FWPRDC. These Corporations are funded principally by the Federal Government.