Quality Specifications for Australian Wildflowers and Revised Manual of Postharvest Treatments for Wildflowers

  • 53 pages

  • Published: 28 Nov 2010

  • Author(s): Bettina Gollnow, John Faragher, Ross Worrall, Lowan Turton, Joyce, Daryl

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This RIRDC report describes the development of a series of easy to use quality specifications for the major wildflower products traded on Australia’s domestic and export markets (RIRDC Publication Numbers 10/028 to 10/059). These specifications describe the ‘minimum acceptable’ product specifications at market entry, using photos and easy to follow charts.
As an additional component of this work, the manual “Postharvest Handling of Australian Native Flowers and Related Species: A Practical Workbook” (RIRDC 2001) was extensively revised. This report describes the information included in the updated edition (RIRDC Publication Number 10/027) and how the manual has been written to support the specifications.