Racetrack management: A Manual for Racecourse Managers

  • 141 pages

  • Published: 1 Feb 2002

  • Author(s): Stubbs, A.K., Neylan, J.J.

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A survey of grass racecourses in Australia in 1995 (RIRDC Project TGT-1A), and subsequent Racecourse Managers’ Conferences, has revealed a wide variation in the level of racetrack management expertise and technical knowledge, but a keen desire by racecourse staff to learn more about their craft.

This comprehensive Manual of Racetrack Management includes material from Conference Proceedings, but with more detail and objective information about some topics, plus other sections covering matters not adequately dealt with at conferences.

It will provide a standard reference on latest, best practice options for the fundamentals of racetrack management to increase knowledge and benefits from improvements in track performance, appearance and life, plus associated economic and environmental advantages for racing clubs and the community.