Ratite Toe-trimming Training Manual

  • 83 pages

  • Published: 29 Feb 2008

  • Author(s): Glatz, By Philip

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This report is about ratite toe-trimming. It includes a training manual for the Australian Ratite Industry to support the industry’s commitment to maintaining high standards of toe-trimming. Development by the Ratite Industry of documentation that recommends best practice procedures and training courses to accredit toe-trimmers will raise the toe-trimming standards in Industry and help to improve the profitability of ratite farming. Utilisation of the training manual will give confidence to operators when undertaking toe-trimming and result in improved standards of toe-trimming. A toe-trimming manual was prepared by the researchers with the following information;

• Key issues relating to each part of the toe-trimming process. Critical issues were identified. These were the processes in the toe-trimming protocol that if they go wrong will cause permanent damage to the toe resulting in poor bird health, production and welfare.
• Record keeping checklists.
• List of targets to be achieved.
• Score sheets for auditors to monitor, evaluate and verify toe-trim standards.