Select Markets for Taro, Sweet Potato and Yam

  • 104 pages

  • Published: 1 May 2003

  • Author(s): Vinning, Grant

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This publication is part of RIRDC project UCQ-13A, “Development of taro, yam, yam bean, and sweet potato exports to Japan and the USA” co-led by Central Queensland University and New South Wales Agriculture. The Northern Rivers Agricultural Development Association, Inc. (NORADA) and Queensland Department of Primary Industries (QDPI) have also been closely involved in supporting the project since its inception.

At a workshop organised by Central Queensland University in February 2001, Asian Markets Research presented data related to the markets for three of the crops in Japan and the United States. Those data drew on earlier research undertaken in Japan, the United States, and the Pacific (Fiji, Samoa, and New Zealand) over the period 1998 – 2000. An output from the workshop was that further work should be undertaken to explore the market potential of sweet potato, taro, and yam in the major candidate markets of Japan and the United States. Two missions were determined. One concentrated on establishing what was needed to realise the market potential whilst the other concentrated on the acquisition of genetic material. The missions took place in mid-2001. As preparation for both exercises, Asian Markets Research prepared a series of profiles for sweet potato, taro and yams in the Japanese and United States markets. This publication updates those profiles with information collected on the 2001 market development missions.