Site Selection for Farm Forestry in Australia

  • 112 pages

  • Published: 27 Oct 2008

  • Author(s): Harper, RJ, Booth, TH, Ryan, PJ, Gilkes, RJ, MKenzie, NJ, Lewis, MF

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The site evaluation procedures outlined in this report are intended to be applicable across the range of stages of development of farm forestry enterprises. The procedures described can be applied to areas where there is no specific information on the requirements of tree species—in these cases, site evaluations focus on identifying conditions likely to limit tree growth. But the procedures are also applicable in areas where there is a large body of knowledge on tree performance—in these cases, the data collected during the site evaluation can be interpreted with a high degree of confidence and can be used to estimate tree growth rates. The scientific underpinnings of site evaluation for Australian forestry are reviewed by Ryan et al. (2002), as another output of this project.
While it has been updated in parts, it is important to note that research of relevance to site selection (e.g., site effects on tree performance, climate change and variability, species selection, growth modelling and regional assessments of land suitability) has been conducted since.