Supporting the Growth of the Australian Herb Growing Industry

  • 14 pages

  • Published: 1 Apr 2001

  • Author(s): Rubin, Howard

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The Key to development of a new plant based industry is information. Without the necessary technical support most new industries will not succeed. New plant based industries provide opportunity for regional diversification and growth in employment for rural Australia.

Once a new plant based industry has been identified, and initial commercial success has been achieved, it is important that if that industry is to grow and succeed, that the technical information is freely provided for the rural community.

This project seeks to disseminate, via an electronic data base located on a web site, technical support for the further development of the industry. Thirty herbs were chosen due to their availability and each herb was researched and recorded by growers. This data base is the backbone to the project which also incorporates other areas of rural isolation and communication.