Taro Industry Development in Australia: The first steps

  • 87 pages

  • Published: 13 May 2009

  • Author(s): Daniells, Jeff, Hughes, Mike, Mark Traynor,, Mark Traynor,

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Taro production is not new to Australia but it has only become significant over the last few years. It has an estimated value of $4 million and is predominantly located in the wet tropics of north Queensland.

This RIRDC publication addresses several issues that were considered to be hampering development of the taro industry. It assesses the current state of the industry and explores the agronomy of taro, including cropping strategies, pest and disease issues and the accessibility of existing technical information. It also addresses the lack of an R&D strategic plan.

The Australian taro industry was surveyed to identify R&D needs, other information needs and to provide a snapshot of crop production practices.