The Australian Dairy Goat Industry – An assessment of the population and farm gate value

  • 36 pages

  • Published: 8 Aug 2017

  • Author(s): Zalcman, Emma, Cowled, Brendan, Ausvet Pty Ltd

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The Australian dairy goat industry is growing, but is still relatively small and fragmented. Quantifying the size of the industry is important in monitoring trends and planning future research priorities.

In 2016 there were 68 Australian dairy goat farms licensed to make food products, of which 41 participated in the survey from which this report’s findings were derived. If the farmers surveyed are representative, then the national commercial milking herd is approximately 30,550 milking goats and 46,152 goats in total, producing 16,867,792 litres of milk annually with a farm-gate value of $20.2-26.9 million. Dairy goat products include milk, cheese and milk powder.

The report also concluded that most dairy goat producers see value in creating a single industry group in the future, however further work is required to explore the return on investment in R & D in this sector. 

A snapshot of this report is available for download at Fact Sheet: The Australian Dairy Goat Industry