Whole farm financial and environmental returns with farm forestry – six case studies

  • 51 pages

  • Published: 22 Oct 2008

  • Author(s): Fritsch, Simon, Hudson, Bob, Hassall

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This report examines the contribution of farm forestry at a private farm level using six different case study farms. Contributions examined include financial, natural resource management and social benefits.

The report aims to inform farm forestry extension and landholders about investments in farm forestry as part of the farm enterprise. The results presented here will also inform those working in policy, research and regional natural resource management.

Engaging in longer term crops such as farm forestry requires a good understanding of the investment, time frames, risks and returns involved. There is a need to assist to landholders, extension and others to understand in farm forestry within Australian farms. It must be evaluated not only as a separate crop, but also as an integrated part of the farm, for example its role in reducing erosion costs or improving lambing rates. This study was commissioned by JVAP to evaluate the financial, as well as the natural resource management role of farm forestry within whole-farm enterprises.