Bee Innovative


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Bee Innovative is an Australian agrifood tech company that is using artificial intelligence to track bees to boost crop yields and quality, with amazing results.

Bees don’t always pollinate every part of every crop and pollination rates can be patchy.

So instead of leaving it to chance, Bee Innovative Co-Founders, David and Kate Lyall are arming farmers with critical information showing rates of pollination and ways to boost it.

And in crops like blueberries and sunflowers they’ve had great success, boosting farmers profits and reducing waste.

During the month of February, AgriFutures on Air is showcasing four amazing innovators making a difference in Australian agriculture.

And the one thing they all have in common is their involvement in evokeAG., either in Startup Alley or the Startup Showcase.

Check out the new evokeAG. website and watch out for our two-part Startup Program in 2021 which is taking place completely online.

Here is the story of Bee Innovative which like all great stories begins over a cup of tea.


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