Antiviral Activity of Tea Tree Oil (in Vitro and in Vivo)

  • 54 pages

  • Published: 29 Aug 2005

  • Author(s): Carsen, C F, Dr, Ashton, L, Dry, L, Smith, D W, TV

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While the production of tea tree oil has grown considerably in Australia in the last decade, there has not been a comparable increase in worldwide demand for the oil. Tea tree oil is sold on the strength of its medicinal properties, not all of which are documented scientifically. For many years tea tree oil was grandfathered into markets on the basis of its long history of safe use. In a growing number of markets, the regulatory environment is such that existing data are no longer considered adequate. Scientific evidence proving the claims made for tea tree oil is now an absolute requirement. This publication details evidence for the antiviral activity of tea tree oil and explores how this activity may be exploited. It also provides preliminary evidence that tea tree oil products may be efficacious in the treatment of cold sores.