Rice Extension Coordination

  • 37 pages

  • Published: 5 Sep 2018

  • Author(s): Gae Plunkett, Troy Mauger, Leah Garnett

  • ISBN: 978-1-76053-003-7

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This report details the achievements of the Rice Extension Coordination project in fostering change in the Australian rice industry. The project has improved the adoption of research and development outcomes, best management practices and innovations. It has communicated, coordinated and collaborated with all partners in the rice industry to increase the productivity, sustainability and profitability of rice growers.

Rice growers are targeting improved returns per megalitre of irrigation water – growing at least one tonne of rice for each megalitre of irrigation water used. The adoption of new research and development technologies and innovations on farm has improved productivity, resilience to drought and climate variability and the ability of rice to compete against other irrigated crops for the limited irrigation water supply.

This project has increased the collaboration and cooperation across all industry partners. The reduced duplication of effort and increased sharing of resources has educated, informed and improved rice growing practices. Connecting researchers, growers and industry bodies has ensured consistent, clear messaging from all for improved outcomes within the rice growing community.