Sustainable Production of Bioenergy – A review of global bioenergy sustainability frameworks and assessment systems

  • 165 pages

  • Published: 9 Dec 2009

  • Author(s): O\'Connell, Deb, et al

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The bioenergy industry is relatively small in Australia. The need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as future oil security issues will, however, provide drivers for the growth of the bioenergy industry.

This report reviews the sustainability issues that have arisen through rapid international expansion of the biofuels industry. It also reports on the international response to these issues in terms of both institutional systems, and sustainability assessment systems. It reviews institutional systems in place at the level of the Australian Government, and for one state (Victoria) as a case study. The theory and application of outcomes-based criteria and indicator assessment systems are discussed. The potential options and implementation pathways (should Australia choose to develop or apply these approaches) are also put forward.