Existing Research

Progress reports

Once you commence a research project, it’s important that you report back on progress.

Scheduled payments depend on the progress report being assessed as satisfactory by the AgriFutures Australia Program Manager. Reports much be submitted by the agreed reporting date, whether the milestones have been reached or not.

A user guide for submitting progress reports can be found on our K2 page.

Final deliverable

Prior to the final milestone, you will need to discuss with the AgriFutures Australia Program Manager what form your final deliverable will take.

It must be submitted via our online database management system, K2, by the due date.

To assist you to prepare your final deliverable, please use the templates provided.

Research communication templates

Final report template

We look forward to sharing your research findings - to ensure your AgriFutures Australia funded research hits the mark, use the AgriFutures Australia Final Report Template to format your work before submitting via Clarity.


Final report summary template

The aim of the final report summary is to present your research and findings in a simple plain English format. It may be read by people without expertise in the field of study. Use the headings and bullet points as a guide and submit your summary via Clarity with any relevant images.


Progress reports are important to ensure research projects are meeting project objectives. Visit this page to download a guide to assist you to submit your milestone in our project management system: K2.

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Video 101

Demand for video continues to grow, and creating great video content doesn’t need to be a chore and it doesn’t need a blockbuster budget. A smartphone or laptop webcam is all you need to tell a simple and effective story about your project.


Photography 101

Taking great photos with your smartphone is simple. Use this handy guide to help take great photos to share your project highlights. Included is a list of photo do's and don'ts, snapshot of the AgriFutures Australia photography style and tips to ensure your photos always hit the mark.


Project overview

The aim of the project overview is to present your research project in a simple plain english format. It may be read by people without expertise in the field of study. Please use the headings and bullet points as a guide and submit with accompanying images.


Researcher spotlight

There are a number of ways that AgriFutures Australia presents its research and development investment to levy payers and key stakeholders. One approach is to highlight the people behind the research. Please use this template to complete your profile (in plain English) and submit with a high res image with the final profile.