The Australian seaweed industry is small but is growing rapidly. Food products make up the vast majority of market value, followed by industrial extracts such as alginate and carrageenan, which are used in everyday food and personal care products. In addition to these uses, seaweed biomass is also used for animal feed, fertilisers, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and biofuels. Momentum is building rapidly with new commercial players entering the space and there is significant need for targeted research to drive growth.

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Blueprint for a $billion Australian seaweed industry

AgriFutures Australia has announced a new project with the Australian Seaweed Institute to develop the blueprint for the emerging seaweed industry in Australia. The industry is forecast to create new coastal jobs, help to protect and regenerate waterways and contribute to greenhouse gas reduction.

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SEAWEED / 24.11.22

Student of the ocean relishes diverse experiences as Horizon Scholar

Growing up in the unique environment of Coffs Harbour with the ocean on his doorstep and a Marine Science Centre nearby, it’s no surprise that Horizon Scholar, Luke Austin developed a passion for aquaculture, innovation and stewardship.

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John Statton with asparagopsis taxiformis in holding tanks at Watermans Bay
SEAWEED / 01.08.22

Why aren’t more cows eating seaweed?

Asparagopsis is a native Australian seaweed rich in bromoform. It’s the bromoform compound within the seaweed feed supplement that reduces livestock methane emissions by up to 98 per cent. So why isn’t asparagopsis a commodity of large scale? One of the key issues is its availability; but one scientist is on the brink of a discovery which could drive a surge in demand for this seaweed biomass.

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