Tea Tree Oil

Pure Australian tea tree oil is an essential oil distilled from plantations of Melaleuca alternifolia and can be used in cosmetics, health care and home care products. Tea tree is tolerant of coastal acid sulphate soils and most plantations are located in the coastal region of northern NSW and the Atherton Tablelands of Queensland.

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Tea Tree Oil

Novel analysis unveils complex composition of tea tree oil

An investigation characterising the components of essential oil distilled from Australian tea tree will underpin the integrity and value proposition of the local product, and pave the way for access to premium international markets.

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Tea tree oil March
TEA TREE OIL / 11.03.24

Respiratory viruses fall victim to tea tree oil’s virucidal vigour

Tea tree oil is relatively well-known for its ability to treat a range of bacterial and fungal infections. However new research has confirmed the homegrown essential oil could also be a valuable tool in the fight against respiratory viruses in humans and livestock.

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TEA TREE OIL / 14.04.23

First of its kind agriculture innovation tour connects producers across the country

Agritech has taken enormous steps in recent times – but on-farm uptake hasn’t advanced at the same pace. Determined to match strides, AgriFutures Australia hosted the inaugural Innovation Intensive Tour in February 2023.

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TEA TREE OIL / 28.03.23

Northern Rivers tea tree growers unite at annual forum

Known for its picturesque coastlines, tranquil rivers and rainforest drives, the Northern Rivers is also well-known for its quality agricultural production, including being home to the majority of Australia’s 140 producers of pure Australian tea tree.

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